We fix all Iphone, Smartphone models, make a diagnostic and replace all non-working parts at record terms.


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iPhone Logic Board Repair – Data Recovery

iPhone die and won’t come back to life? Lose touch functionality on your iPhone 6 Plus? Is your iPhone 6s backlight very dim? We can fix that. THE MOBILE CARE CENTER offers board level repair for all mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad. Most of our customers are at the end of the line when it comes to fixing their broken device. They’ve taken it to the care center and care wants thousands of rupees in return for a refurbished phone. Why pay so much when we can fix it for less? I mean, the phone usually still works. Do you really need to spend that much for another phone? No.


We’ve fixed thousands of devices for customers. Our most common repairs are:

  • • iPhone 6 Plus Touch issue
  • • iPhone No Backlight
  • • iPhone 6S/6S+ No Backlight/Half Backlight
  • • iPhone Water Damage Data Recovery
  • • iPhone display glass damage
  • • iPad Mini Digitizer Connector Repair
  • • iPad touch screen damage
  • • iPhone No Charging/No Power
  • • iPhone No Touch issue

All of our repairs come with 30days warranty*.


There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device

touch screen problem mobile repair

Iphone & Ipad Touch Screen Issues

As the primary mode of interaction between you and your apps, the tablet touch screen is vitally important. Any issue be it knocks to the device, scratches or worse can be successfully solved by our experts

mobile display damage mobile repair

Iphone & Ipad Cracked LCD Screen

Sometimes a good drop will cause damage to both the glass and LCD. If your screen is not responding to your touch or has lines across the display, a complete glass and LCD replacement is needed get your screen back to normal.

water liquid damage mobile repair

Water & Liquid Damage

Most people believe that if you have dropped a tablet in the water, it cannot be repaired. However, our experts know a certain way how to deal with this issue and we will be glad to help you with it.

battery problem mobile service

Battery Replacement

Many people think that battery replacement is not possible in ipad because ipad have inbuilt battery. We can change it easily, we also give 6months warranty on it.

power supply mobile repair

Iphone/Ipad No Charging/No Power

IPhone / IPad die and won’t come back to life? No charging or fake charging we can fix all.

keypad problem mobile repair

All Buttons Repairs

Home button repair, Volume Button, Mute button, On-Off Button, Vibrator Button, Silent Button repairs


+91 7495900028


+91 7229090271


Mon-Sat - 10:30AM - 9:00PM